Rain Drops
This is my blog? I do art stuff. You can requsts stuff, but I will only do them if I feel like it.
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  1. What’s your name? ANGEL
  2. When’s your birthday: 15TH of NOVEMBER
  3. Where are you from? NETHERLANDS
  4. Have a crush? NO
  5. What’s your favorite color? ORANGE
  6. Write something in all caps: SOMETHING
  7. Got a favorite band/artist? ????? DO NOT HAVE 
  8. What’s your favorite number? 6
  9. Favorite drink? STRAWBERRY ALOE VERA DRINK 
  10. Tag Ten People: i dunno who to tagg
Abunai 2014

This weekend Abunai returns again so I’m gonna give you guys the secret free sketch phrase! I didn’t do one last year, but I will this time C:

You can find me at the Shiroi Hana table in the dealer room. I’ll only be attending Friday and Saturday, so it won’t work on Sunday.

"The penguin king has abdicated." « the phrase

Even if you don’t want a sketch, please come and say hi! 

omg your url is the best. :D I love your art. it's really cute. ^^


thank u !!! 

im sorry but this is so wrong. YOUR NAME IS BIRDBUTT HOW CAN U DRAW A BIRD WITH NO BUTT in response to this lovely message. shame

Today was a good day. I recovered form a week of not enough sleep, ate delicious foods and watched my favourite things(//´▽`//)ノ*

Avatar Dating Sim Blog

Ok this is the BLOG!

I was talking to nymre about an avatar dating sim. Then I made a character creating mock up thing. Unisex character base with 4 outfits and 4 hairstyles for each nation at the start.

If anyone thinks this is rad and has ideas or wishes to contribute or something?? I’ll set up a blog for it? IDK


MORE FREE! FANART because why not?

Drawing Gouu while in hangout with friends. 


my friends gave me advice on how to colour minks clothes

Thanks friends

I now have 36 animals to choose from. 4 times more than I need. so thank you!

Please Suggest Some Animals

I still need to draw a bunch for school, and I’m out of cool ideas. 

I still want to add a bench and some fancy streetlights, but I like it right now. 

Some old concept I finally speedpaint.