Rain Drops
This is my blog? I do art stuff. You can requsts stuff, but I will only do them if I feel like it. I study animation at HKU.
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I’m really busy with school;; I spend the day animating these two ladies.

for ochtendgloren, my frend


Zeg drie keer ‘Zwarte Piet’ in de spiegel en verbaas je over hoe half Nederland opeens door de schoorsteen komt vallen om luidkeels ‘ZWARTE PIET IS NIET RACISTISCH’ te roepen.

Inktober’s 5 and 6. Too much details;; Patterns and freehand perspective are bad for my health.

Yesterday’s and today’s inks.

punch in the nostalgia

Day 2!

My first inktober drawing. ink is hard and I don’t like weh

Dear Robin,
you stink

got tagged by nymre

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Type: INTP

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My attitude today

Items I made specifically for this game, and some left over stuff from older drawings.