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This is my blog.
I draw and am an
animation student
at HKU.

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Backgrounds: The Set Up.

A continuation for fungii on how I tackle backgrounds.

For fungii

I don’t really use lines much anymore, unless the style calls for it. (ie: chars had thick black lines -> bg will have m too).

I sketch my scene, maybe do a color test. Then I extrude the shapes like this. I still need to work on choosing the right balance in not making the pieces look to plastic if they aren’t made of plastic, haha.

MAYBE YOU meant something else tho;; haha the pre-this phase or something.

The Netherlands, having its first national day of mourning in more than half a century, today witnessed the arrival of 40 coffins with bodies and remains of those who perished on flight MH17 on July 17.”

nippows MADE ME do this fanatsy class quiz. APPARENTLY I can see the furute, have light based magic and manipulate water! We both sketched a character after. Her’s is the CUTEST SHAMAN WARRIOR THo

I’ve been given the OK so I’m putting this up.

My circle has decided to turn a comic book project that we’ve been discussing for 2 years into a vn simulation game. It’s about a bakery cafe and all the people involved in it it.

I’ve finished most of the base programming and in game UI. Everyone is working on their scenes and characters. Because there are 5 of us, the art styles will be very different, but it’s shaping up to be a fun project.

The plan is to have a demo ready at the end of August. We want to allow people to play it at our table at Abunai ‘15.

Some other things. Relatively old concept stuff.

You’re a witch. Your mom’s a witch, your gram was a witch and even your dad’s aunt’s mother was a witch. You are also certain that uncle Terence donned the witch cloak before transitioning to wizard. 

So yes, you are a witch. 


You’re pretty sure that all the witches before you didn’t get booted our the Grand Maester Kaelro’s tower on the first day of learning witchcraft.

Well, to hell with him! You’re just going to have get other magical and supernatural beings to teach you their secrets. Your town is full of them! Surely some of them are willing to help you out.


Just to be sure, let’s start with gram’s ghost at the cemetery, okay?

It feels like I haven’t been doing anything lately;;;

AAH I messed up

I placed the images in the wrong order on that tutorial firkckjfsojie


edit: ALSO APPARENTLY there is a DD on dA with this beautiful trick. It’s way better than mine! and it was made 3 YEARS AGO.

i could’ve been doing this stuff for 3 years already


After 6 years of using this program I finally figured this out, so I decided to share the technique. IDK, it sure beats the “Use brush with no pen pressure to make a dot” type of thing.

The use of the vector layer comes with other nifty things like:

So, I hope this comes in handy to a few of you!

You can make a Hexagon by using the Line Tool instead and turning the canvas 4 times each click. I’m sure you can do other things, but I haven’t figured those out yet.

I've lurked about your tumblr for quite a while, but I had no idea you were a student at HKU! That's the one in Hong Kong, right? I actually live here! That's incredibly cool...
━ Anonymous

Oh no! Not that HKU, hahaha, but I get where the confusion comes from. It’s actually Utrecht School of the Arts, but the Dutch acronym is HKU. C:



So uh, i’m gonna do some cheap commissions ‘cause school is finally over /o/ As of now I’ll only do these full body colored sketches.

- Paypal only.

- please email to starsincoffee@gmail.com And have some references prepared!!!(no asks, it’s too chaotic lmao)

- You don’t have to pay for…

I still need to add some details, variations and color adjustments but I like how it’s turning out.

I made smoothies

Different kinds with different fruits, and they are delicious.

But for one i used my canned peaches (which was bad, because I was supposed to eat those with my broccoli dish). I also put in the syrup, because why not. I added banana, nectarine, carrot and a bit of milk, and it turned out great. 

THEN I PU T IT IN THE FRIDGE for a few hours. SO just now I wanted another glass, but it turned into this JELLO ? PUDDING? THING. it’s all wobblyy

i mixed it again and added more milk hahaha