Rain Drops
This is my blog.
I draw and I am an
animation student
at HKU.
I don't take requests anymore.
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Avatar Dating Sim Blog

Ok this is the BLOG!

I was talking to nymre about an avatar dating sim. Then I made a character creating mock up thing. Unisex character base with 4 outfits and 4 hairstyles for each nation at the start.

If anyone thinks this is rad and has ideas or wishes to contribute or something?? I’ll set up a blog for it? IDK


MORE FREE! FANART because why not?

Drawing Gouu while in hangout with friends. 


my friends gave me advice on how to colour minks clothes

Thanks friends

I now have 36 animals to choose from. 4 times more than I need. so thank you!

Please Suggest Some Animals

I still need to draw a bunch for school, and I’m out of cool ideas. 

I still want to add a bench and some fancy streetlights, but I like it right now. 

Some old concept I finally speedpaint.

Doing backgrounds for stuff is hard and takes ages, but is very rewarding in the end uhfushhhaha;; The top one is based on this public domain photo I got off of wikicommons.

i go through periods where i browse fan blogs and right now the teen wolf feels are killing me. so many sobs

Anonymous asked: Could you please draw Vriska? Please, I would really really appreciate that

I’ve drawn Vriska tons of times before, but I still had to look up what she looked like;;