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This is my blog? I do art stuff. You can requsts stuff, but I will only do them if I feel like it. I study animation at HKU.
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THEY’R NOT PEETA AND KATNISS;; But it’s better if people interpret it as that because the real ship is too embarrassing to say outloud.

A ship I sailed years ago. i am so embarrassed;; IM NOT EVEN gon tell you guys who these are omg why did I draw this and why am I still awake.

i forgot how exhausting it is to keep up with anime every week.

The last 6 years (24 seasons) I only followed 1 or 2 at a time or none art all. And now im following like 8. 

almost every day my reactions is like “no frick, didn’t I watch u yesterday, latest episode of —-?” and its just like ASDFGHJKL 

REMEMBER that time when I was making a game called Dalliance that never got very far writing wise?? Yeah, me neither. Nevertheless, here is one of the event illustrations I did for that game.

All you guys have probably forgotten about this thing, but I finally updated my webcomic after a year went by! You can read everything here.

I didn’t renew my host, so my site if offline, but I uploaded the pages at Inkblazers, after correcting some spelling mistakes you guys pointed out. I’m hoping to update once a month, but I’m not sure yet if the new pages will have colour.

I saw some rad girls while commuting yesterday. Freckles are hella cute

Finally finished this one, although I don’t really like the posters;; I just don’t know what kind of posters I should put there.

Can’t sleep because of stomach pains, so I’m drawing and watching movies to pass the time.

Another one in this series X X

I’ve lost the ability to draw drapes convincingly, but I don’t seem to care enough to go back in to fix them;;

May I ask where you got the texture for your screen tone tutorial? I have searched your blog for a while but I couldn't find it ;w;
━ Anonymous

I got it from the unofficial wiki page linked on the official Japanese site page, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. I’ve uploaded them here and here  of you, but you need to change them back to .bmp. The upload site converted for some reason.

They’re from a rather popular set, so I didn’t think to include them, sorry!

I made this quick bg in the theme of this. I have a few more planned to fit in this set.

I make a lot of random VN assets, because it’s fun, so I’m thinking of releasing them as cc in the future, maybe. I have a bunch of backgrounds, sprites, GUI and even items? that I don’t use, but I’m sure they will be useful to someone else. 

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  1. What’s your name? ANGEL
  2. When’s your birthday: 15TH of NOVEMBER
  3. Where are you from? NETHERLANDS
  4. Have a crush? NO
  5. What’s your favorite color? ORANGE
  6. Write something in all caps: SOMETHING
  7. Got a favorite band/artist? ????? DO NOT HAVE 
  8. What’s your favorite number? 6
  9. Favorite drink? STRAWBERRY ALOE VERA DRINK 
  10. Tag Ten People: i dunno who to tagg
Abunai 2014

This weekend Abunai returns again so I’m gonna give you guys the secret free sketch phrase! I didn’t do one last year, but I will this time C:

You can find me at the Shiroi Hana table in the dealer room. I’ll only be attending Friday and Saturday, so it won’t work on Sunday.

"The penguin king has abdicated." « the phrase

Even if you don’t want a sketch, please come and say hi!